February 2024 Update

God bless you, dear reader. We hope that you are well, and we want to thank you for your prayers. The unusual image above was taken at night, and the moon was astoundingly bright. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It makes me think of Revelation 21:23, which reminds us that God’s glory (although present now) will be revealed in an indescribable way for us to bask in for all eternity.

Ministry Updates

I’m grateful to still be serving as a guest preacher in several churches. This has allowed us to meet many congregations and to travel to out of the way churches, in addition to visiting our regular group of churches nearby.

I’m excited to announce our involvement in a new ministry, which is one I’ve wanted to participate in for a long time: I’ve connected with a group of pastor/teachers which provides seminary-type training to pastors who cannot attend seminary for a variety of reasons. These pastors have a zeal for the Lord and are ardent Bible readers, but they have a thirst for more in depth knowledge. I am thrilled to be able to participate in delivering this education, and pray that God use the pastors to touch the lives of their congregations, most of whom I may never meet. God willing, I’ll start teaching a hermeneutics class in about two weeks.

Please pray that God use me as I prepare the lesson plans. Please also pray for the pastors attending the class, and for the lives they’ll touch. Lastly, please continue to pray for our family. We know from experience (and perhaps you do too) that whenever you try to start serving God in a new way, you can expect to run into oppression.

Homestead Updates

We are in the middle of “summer” as they call it here, which is the dry season. Not wanting to lose the fruit trees we have planted, we’ve fertilized the trees with a secret organic fertilizer recipe courtesy of my wife and have run some irrigation lines. We were rewarded with some beautiful flowers on an apple tree, although I’d prefer apples even more. All in due time, I suppose.

Until next time, may God bless you and keep you. (Numbers 6:24-26)

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