Pastors’ conference in San Pedro de Tutule

The pastor at one of the local churches we collaborate with recently invited me to speak at a pastor’s conference. Since I’ve been wanting to get involved with pastor training, I jumped at the chance. We drove about two hours or so to get to San Pedro de Tutule, and then around another half hour up some muddy mountain roads, which was as far as we could get in a vehicle. The rest of the “road” (more like a cow path) was closed due to the recent construction of some cement tracks, which when dry will allow vehicles to get further up the mountain. At that point cooking supplies and chairs had to be carried up the rest of the way by the pastors. We gathered in someone’s house near the top of the mountain, where we had a worship service, a teaching segment (during which I spoke), a brief sermon, and of course, lunch and fellowship.

On the way home (just to give you some flavor of what it’s like living here), we were headed uphill on a paved road without street lights. The bed of the truck in front of us was being grasped on either side by a person on a bicycle, i.e. the truck was giving the cyclists a ride up the hill. Since they were going slowly, we decided to pass them on the left. Not seeing any headlights in the lane of oncoming traffic, I started to pull into said lane in order to pass the slow-moving truck ahead of us. That’s when our headlights illuminated a man leading two cows downhill (in the lane of oncoming traffic). We weren’t going too fast and were easily able to get back into our lane, so thank God there was never any danger of our running into the cows. Driving, especially at night, can be an adventure here.

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