• What’s new: August 2023

    What’s new: August 2023

    Thank you for your prayers and support! Since our last newsletter, we’ve made some ministry changes which we’re excited to tell you about: Ministry updates So what exactly are we doing ministry-wise now? As churches here congregate three or four times a week, I’ve been able to do lots of preaching as a guest preacher.… Continue reading

  • What’s new: June 2023

    June has flown by so quickly this newsletter almost landed in July! Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We’d like to ask specifically for prayer over the following items: I heard an interesting reflection lately that Jesus’ cross was not one clad with velvet. In other words, as His followers tasked with denying… Continue reading

  • What’s new: May 2023

    To start off this month’s newsletter, we’d like to thank you for your prayers and financial contributions. By supporting us in these ways you are playing a part in the work we’re blessed to be able to do here. If you’re not yet involved but would like to be, the most powerful way to do… Continue reading

  • We’re still here!

    It’s been almost a year since I’ve updated this blog. I can’t cover everything we’ve experienced, but I’ll try to hit a few high points. Ministry We’re still serving in a small rural church in our area. I’ve gravitated into the role of teaching elder/co-pastor. Whatever your tradition may call it, the role I’m talking… Continue reading

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