• What’s new: May 2023

    To start off this month’s newsletter, we’d like to thank you for your prayers and financial contributions. By supporting us in these ways you are playing a part in the work we’re blessed to be able to do here. If you’re not yet involved but would like to be, the most powerful way to do… Continue reading

  • Roof repair for a neighbor

    Roof repair for a neighbor

    Our neighbor Celio asked us for help replacing his roof. The original clay tiles had been damaged by the wind, and his family wasn’t looking forward to another leaky rainy season. Celio wanted to replace the clay tiles with sheet metal, but he couldn’t afford it. He’d asked the local government for assistance, but nothing… Continue reading

  • We’re still here!

    It’s been almost a year since I’ve updated this blog. I can’t cover everything we’ve experienced, but I’ll try to hit a few high points. Ministry We’re still serving in a small rural church in our area. I’ve gravitated into the role of teaching elder/co-pastor. Whatever your tradition may call it, the role I’m talking… Continue reading

  • The miraculous in the mundane

    What does God’s handiwork look like? Is it as obvious as writing on the wall (Daniel 5:5)? Is it as wondrous as thousands heeding the call to Christ all at once (Acts 2:41)? Could it be as plain as a bag of cement? As strange as it may sound, bags of cement and other construction… Continue reading

  • The house always wins

    “The house always wins” means that no matter what you do, the system is rigged and you will always end up losing. What if the inverse were true? What if the cards were always stacked in your favor? You might chalk up the first few winning hands to random chance, but you’d eventually start to… Continue reading

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